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Ocean of games is made by a community full of game lovers. The site expands you to the ocean of games, where you can download thousands of PC games for free. The site was launched in August 27, 2013. They do not provide any illegal content, that’s the reason the site is still on.

Ocean of games provides you to download games with 18 different categories. Despite the game size is 50GB or more, their servers are extremely fast, that you can download any file at very high speed.

People share their ideas and reviews for the games updated on their site. Unlike other websites, who misguides their visitors by redirecting from one page to another, Ocean of games serves one-click-go service. You can read the description of game along with screenshots provided, read the configuration and minimum requirements and click on download. The game will be downloading will be started within seconds.

How To Download Games From Ocean of games For Free?

First, you need to open this url – Ocean of games

ocean of games

You can either scroll and find the game you want to download, or search in the search bar here

download GTA

Searches for the keyword ‘GTA’ are shown in the screenshot above.

Click on the game name which you want to download


The description, features, screenshots and minimum requirements of games will be shown in the description page.

Ocean of games gta
gta 5

At the bottom of each page, you can find the download button. Click on download button

download gta4

A new tab will open. Let the page loads completely, the download will automatically begin.

download games oceanofgame

If you feel any issue during installation, that information will be available in this page.

Wondering, what’s that popup appeared during downloading of game? It is Internet Download Manager (IDM). By using this software, you will be able to download any kind of files with huge size on your desktop or mobile. Download IDM by clicking the link below – IDM Crack Download

Websites Like Ocean Of Games For Downloading Games For Free

Here we list some of the best websites where you can download PC games for free.

Game Top


Access here: Game Top

Game Top has a collection of thousands of free PC games. With 100+ categories, they serve you the games from arcade games such as Super Mario and Sonic the hedgehog to the modern action games at free of cost. There are no malware, viruses or in-game ads with the games available there. The only ads you found are in the website. The games there are updated frequently to make their visitors happy.

With wide variety of games, they offers games for different platforms such as Android, Windows and Mac devices.

Acid Play

Access here: Acid Play

Acid Play is a place where you can download freeware games, which are lightweight and mostly played. The site provides games with ten different genres and for Windows and Mac OS. You can also read reviews of games below the description of each game. The site launched in 2002 and till date, they are serving 1000+ games to their visitors. They have used systems like the search bar, ratings, reviews and recommendations to build a site, that will help you find and download the perfect game, in less than a minute.

They facilitate users to add their own games to Acid Play. For this, you can send a description of your game to the administrators and register to their website to explore more services.

Mega Games


Access here: Mega Games

Mega Games is one of the best alternative to Ocean of games, as they offers thousands of HD and modern games. You can download games from Super Mario Prism to Call of duty Black Ops from there free of cost. For almost all the games, you can get the fixes or crack versions. It is very easy to browse games alphabetically or you can use the search bar. For a particular game, you can find the trainer file, fixes, videos, cheats, mods, editorials and news.

All games ROMS are available for PC, PS2, PS3, PS4 and XBOX. Even if you don’t have PS4, you can play PS4 games through the emulators they provide. Like Acid Play, you can contribute here also to add your own game.


Access here: FreePCGames

FreePCGames have a different collection from any other alternatives of Ocean of games. Here you can download free games for Windows. Apart from 2D freeware games, they have a broad collection of 3D games. Downloading the game is so easy, you just need to open the game and click on download link. They focuses on open source free games. You can find most of the games which are rare to find on the Internet.

The PC Games

Access here: The PC Games

The website is composed of games that you not just like, but love to play with. All the modern games such as GTA 5, FIFA, WWE 2k18 are available to download here. Only Windows games are available in this site. With games provided with 20+ different categories, cheats, tutorials, issues resolution, the developers of this website make their visitors love the website.

For each game, you can find features of game, screenshots, minimum requirements, recommended requirements and the best thing i.e. installation instructions. Games which are having huge file size are partitioned into parts, to make it easier to download whole game and play easily. You can also request for games that can be updated soon to their website.


Access here: FullyPCGames

In FullyPCGames, you can download free PC Games. You can download freeware as well as modern games such as Prey, GTA from here. They also take care of their users, such that you can find the proper description, system requirements, games in parts, instructions for installation and a unique feature to download the game via torrent for each game file. You might get irritated with popup ads, but downloading any game is totally free. If you stuck and not able to download any game, you can click on How to Download at the top menu of the website.


cnet game download

Access here: Download.cnet.com

CNET is the oldest and most popular website to download an application or game you have ever heard of. For each game, you can read reviews, description of the game, full specifications and screenshots. They serve only legal products. Thus a free game will be available for free, and the game which is paid will be shown to buy and download. Files for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and IOS are available here.

Access here: Torrentz2



Access here: Steam

Steam is a store of games, software and hardware. You can play games for free here. They also have multiplayer games and Virtual reality games that will fascinate you to play with them.

Steam offers free as well as paid games. They own nearly 30,000 games to play with a broad level category. You can either play games online or download their application and play online on your device.

Steam features steam chat where you can engage with people and explore the world, just like Discord. They have game hubs, where you get to know everything about your game. You can broadcast your game live to other visitors. If you want, you can also start a workshop where you can create, discover, and download content for your game.


Access here: Origin

Origin is a top gaming platform, just like Steam. As Steam offers paid and free both type of games, Origin offers most of the paid and legal games. But there are time when you can download greatest games at free of cost from here.

You can browse a variety of games with a broad category list. Some demanded games such as Battlefield, FIFA may not be available at free of cost, but paying for them will not waste your money.

For every game, you can find the well defined description, screenshots, overview of creators, trailer and requirements. Getting a premier membership with them will gives you access to all new games with just one click download.

Skidrow & Reloaded


Access here: Skidrow & Reloaded

Unlike any of the other alternative to Ocean of games, here you can find some of the unique collection of PC games. With little annoying popup ads on their website, the site is serving their user’s free games to download. For every game, you will find the description, screenshots, system requirements, gameplay, and other information.

It may possible that the link which contain the game might be broken. To take care of that, they have hosted the files to 20+ different servers. Thus, they provides 20+ links to download a single file, so that you can download anything for free recklessly.

You can also request for games you want to download and not able to find anywhere else. For latest games updates, you can also read their blog.

If the list above is not helping you enough, you can also try this link to browse 250 websites to play and download PC games for free.

It might be possible that some of those websites are not accessible in your region. It’s not because the website is dead, but because your ISP blocks it. But, don’t worry; still, you can access those websites on your device.

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