books are the number one cultural asset in France

Because books are the number one cultural asset in France, the professional magazine Livres hebdo is launching the Bookstore operation to encourage readers to return to bookstores. The newspaper is associated with this operation.

Nina Bouraoui, Jul, Maylis de Kerangal, Marc Levy (see opposite a screenshot with the latter, Victoria Mas, Nicolas Mathieu, Leïla Slimani, Michel Bussi and Aurelie Valognes, you may have discovered these days- here on social networks a video of these famous authors inviting readers to come back to bookstores.

As with almost all economic sectors threatened by the consequences of the pandemic, the publishing professions are suffering enormously. Reading nevertheless carries the values ​​of sharing, knowledge and entertainment, which make books the number one cultural asset in France.

There are plenty of reasons (envy!) Of returning to bookstores. A host of potential bestsellers will publish by the beginning of June. Born under a lucky star from Aurelie Valognes since Wednesday; Someone Good by Françoise Bourdin (May 20); a same day for the new Bernard Minier entitled La Vallee; Life is a novel by Guillaume Musso (May 26) ,; the next day for Joël Dicker’s The Enigma of the Room 622; Women without Mercy by Camilla Lackberg (June 3) and, the next day, Twice Upon a Time by Franck Thilliez. That is enough to fill the many hours that we will undoubtedly devote to reading during our vacation this summer that we told. Franco-French. In this table, we must not forget the essential books published just before the confinement, and unfairly damaged due to the closure of points of sale. We think of Se say it finally by Agnes Ledig (March 15), or Sandrine Collette. She collects awards, and in particular, the very recent RTL-Lire prize, with And always The Forests (see April 14).

The favorites.


The Read page team contributes to the #Bookstore operation by guiding you to less highlighted titles that just as deserve it. Here are our favorites from the last few months:

404 by Sabri Louatah (Flammarion editions). A dystopia set in 2022 and based on the damage caused by fake news. All the more premonitory as the rumor factory “has only grown with the coronavirus pandemic.

Mauthausen by Iakovos Kambanellis (ed. Albin Michel). The story of his camp years from the great Greek writer. Let us not forget in this virus era this other virus Nazism – which was brought to the ground 75 years ago. The beast is still moving.

Three reputations by Jeremie Gindre (ed. Zoe). Three zany life stories, taking us from the Southern Alps to the Mojave Desert via a lost island in the Caribbean. Tragic and at the same time.

Decals by Elena Balzamo (ed. Marie Barbier). The author’s childhood, adolescence, youth in Moscow in the 1960s, in a family of unprivileged scientists.

At night we will be similar to ourselves by the Strasbourg artist Alain Giorgetti (Alma ed.). First novel at first glance quite disturbing, with a rather powerful result (see below).

Vanda by Marion Brunet (ed. Albin Michel) Vanda lives in Marseille with Noe, her 6-year-old son, in a shed by the sea, their refuge from the whole world. A poignant novel about social struggle.

To break in us the frozen sea of ​​Erik Orsenna (ed. Gallimard). Two beautiful trips: to Alaska and the heart of complex human nature.

These mountains forever by Joe Wilkins (ed. Gallmeister). Set against the backdrop of an enchanting Montana, a thrilling novel, where two opposing conceptions of freedom clash. At the risk of losing everything.

Ustrinkata and Behind Arno Camenisch Station (Quidam ed.). Two magnificent novels to tell the end of an era, up there, in a small village in Graubünden.

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